Welcome to the musician website of Piergiorgio Lucidi an italian Jazz/Blues guitar player that is influenced by Scott Henderson, Allan Holdsworth and John Scofield.

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DEHi on RADIazione radio

DEHi, the first JazzMoves track, was transmitted via the program RADIazione on 15 November 2006 event, RADIazione is an italy/german radio.

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Piergiorgio Lucidi on RADIazione


JazzMoves released on RGB Magazine

New Press Section Added
JazzMoves was released on the DVD inside RGB Magazine the new italian music magazine in all italian newspapaper stands.
published by RGB (ex Unwired Media)

RGB Media
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Piergiorgio Lucidi Vitaminic.it Site
First position from 18 to 8 November 2006  
October 2006 (days): 3-10-11-17-18-19-20-23-25-28-29
Novembre 2006 (days): from 2 to 30
Dicember 2006 (days): from 1
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