2L Italia World

Piergiorgio Lucidi on 2L Italia World 
2L Italia World is the most important italian Second Life magazine and inside the second issue July / August 2007 there is a review about my concert at European Festival Of Music 2007 on page 40 and 41.
If you have problems to download from 2L Italia World site you can download this issue on this site too: click here to download.
Thanks to Isaia Carter and 2L Italia World's staff for this article and for spreading my music!

The Avastar

The Avastar

The Avastar, the most important virtual tabloid newspaper for residents on Second Life, published a review about my latest concert at the European Festival Of Music.

On the 22 June 2007 issue, page 17, you can read the article Summer Solstice Fun, available in my Press Photos section.

Thanks to Avastar reporter Petronilla Paperdoll for this article.

Thanks to European Festival Of Music for this great collaboration.

Piergiorgio Lucidi on Avastar issue 27 


Etcetera Podcast

Etcetera Podcast

Etcetera Podcast had transmitted my music on its two inizial episodes.

My music is on the first episode and on the second episode, here you are the streaming links on Etc:

1 Buenos Días - 5 June 2007

2 La Segunda Vez - 7 June 2007

You can download this event on my Download OnRadio podcasts.

Thanks to Nahuel & Andrés for spreading my music on Etcetera Podcast!


Tartuffe Reviews

Tartuffe Reviews has reviewed my works on his blog.

 Thanks to Tartuffe Reviews for spreading my music!