I'm an italian Jazz / Blues guitar player and software engineer, my music work is based on these artists: Scott Henderson, Tribal Tech, Robben Ford, Allan Holdsworth, John Scofield, Pat Metheny, Django Reinhardt, Chick Corea, Weather Report

I started to play guitar when I was sixteen, I grew up in rock-blues and soul style and I was influenced by Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Gary Moore, Robben Ford and Scott Henderson.

I began listening Robert Johnson, passing for Cole Porter, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock and Charlie Parker.

After a year I was self-taught, I decided to study "Jazz Guitar" and I was enrolled to the Anagni School of Music, Enzo Salvi was my master (B.M.I. - Banca della Musica Italiana's lead guitarist).
I deepened the study of the harmony and the guitarist approach to the jazz and the jazz/rock music, playing at the same time like lead guitarist in many local blues bands.
When I concluded the school, I studied from self-taught various improvisation methods, beginning from piano methods to guitar methods.

When I moved to Rome in order to study, and then to graduate, in Computer Science Engineering, my first and big passion since the tender age, one of my target was the search of playing and the search of a personal method of approach to the improvisation, inspiring myself to Scott Henderson, Allan Holdsworth and John Scofield.
  • 1997 I played into the Anagni’s blues/soul band Tell Me Why and we classified to the second position in the young musicians contest in Colleferro (Rome)
  • 1999 I formed a quartet cover band Supergroup (Weather Report, Chick Corea and Tribal Tech)
  • 2003 I joined in the Jazz Big Band I Musicanti di Brema and I played with them for more than one year, this group is directed by master Bruno Gianetti, during this period I learn dynamics and the jazz of '40's and '50's, playing with some masters of the Testaccio Popular School of Music in Rome.