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Free Albums Galore, one of the best blog site about free license music, has reviewed my two albums JazzMoves and Spontaneous.

Italian jazz guitarist Piergiorgio Lucidi has two free online albums available. JazzMoves and Spontaneous offers improvisational jazz that floats between post-bop and fusion. Piergiorgio mentions that his influences includes John Scofield, Pat Metheny, and Weather Report. The Metheny influence is especially clear but I think his tone and style is very much like that of jazz / rock giant John McLaughlin. This tone works best on rock fusion drenched pieces like “Point of Exit” but is equally interesting on more bop oriented fare such as “Around”. The most Metheny inspired track is “JazzMoves” and “Cat Mind” is a nice ballad effort. This is totally Lucidi’s show with the other musicians around for back-up only. The only thing that really annoys me is that the tracks on both albums simply breaks off as if they are fragments of a performance. Also both albums are too brief at about 15 minutes each. A longer album with complete tracks and sideman solos would better frame Lucidi’s own imaginative solos. Overall though, the talented guitarist has created two interesting albums of jazz and jazz fusion.

Free Albums Galore - March 2007 

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Piergiorgio Lucidi on Free Albums Galore

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